Want New Stamp Sets and Designer Series Papers? The January-April Mini Catalog Won’t Disappoint You!

We’ve been without power in our northern California rural community of The Sea Ranch for the last 7 days. The weather has been terrible with hurricane gusting winds, huge rainfalls, and a report of a tornado setting down a few communities away. I’m not joking!

It’s been crazy but we’ve been keeping warm with extra layers of clothes and cuddling in front of the wood fireplace; recharging our devices and accessing internet at a local lodge with a generator, and spending time together.

The best part of the whole experience is I’ve had more time for crafting!!! Seriously, I never get to take a whole day to make cards! This week allowed me time to create cards with some of the new products from the Jan-April Mini Catalog. I’ve been using an LED lantern (just changed batteries) and natural light from the windows to create the cards.

If you’ve made it this far into my blog, I’m going to surprise you with an advanced glance at some of the cards I’ve been making for tutorial bundles that you normally have to purchase. Shhhhh, it will be our secret…

Greatest Journeys Bundle – I really love this bundle! Our family loves to hike, camp, and ride bicycles so this is a perfect bundle for me to own. I designed these Fun Fold cards with my son in mind as he is always taking a hiking in the hills above Santa Barbara or he’s riding his mountain bike in the trails by the coast. Which one do you like best? Let me know if you want the

Seaside Bay Bundle – We live on the ocean and see many shore birds along our beaches so again this is a perfect bundle for my family and friends. I especially like the detail of the images of the sand piper and the shells in the Stamp Set. Notice the beautiful By the Bay Designer Series paper.

I’ve got to go as my laptop battery is running low…check back tomorrow and I’ll post some more cards and I’ll have another surprise…..

What cards have you been making? Share your photos in the comments below.

Happy Stamping


3 thoughts on “Want New Stamp Sets and Designer Series Papers? The January-April Mini Catalog Won’t Disappoint You!”

  1. Susan I am so sorry you have been without power for so long! I know it’s stressful, but it sounds like you are doing ok. :0). You are right that spending time crafting is good! I still don’t have much time, but I still trying to carve time here and there for small things, mostly things that are current needs. But I’m still watching! Miss all you ladies! Stay safe!!


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