Happy World Listening Day 2022!

World Listening Day is a day to celebrate the practice of listening as it relates to the world around us, our environment (natural landscapes, humans, and animals), and soundscape acoustics. This year’s theme for World Listening Day 2022 is “Listening Across Boundaries”.

Take a moment today to really listen to the world and people around you! Listening to our world helps to center us and to better understand how we can interact and learn from our environment

You are invited to

  • Examine the important role of listening across different boundaries of knowledge including science, philosophy, and music
  • Explore how natural soundscapes are not limited by human-defined boundaries of protected land or countries
  • Listen to people of different cultures to learn more about their customs and traditions
  • Experience the remarkableness and challenges of listening without needing to talk
  • Identify the limitations or barriers to listening and how you can overcome them.

I’ll be walking to the small ocean cove, called Pebble Beach, in my backyard in northern California and sit on the pebbled beach to listen to the Pacific Ocean. As I listen to the waves hitting the pebbles on the beach, I’ll be thinking about where the waves originated, what types of organisms the waves have transported, and the effects of the waves’ energy as they hit the beach.

Pebble Beach, The Sea Ranch, California, USA

If you live a long way from the ocean, click on the YouTube Video below to enjoy listening to the waves.

YouTube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPhg6sc1Mk4k

Please post a photo and/or write a comment of how you experienced World Listening Day!

Thank you for sharing


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