What does your crafting table or space look like right now?

Does your crafting table or space give you a feeling of peace and serenity or chaos and disorganization? Post pictures of your crafting space in the comments below. Don’t worry if it’s a mess like mine because I’m going to share some strategies to help you organize your crafting space.

Here’s what one of my crafting desks looked like a few months ago…

There were piles of projects everywhere! I design cards making a few samples for a card class or to share on my blog. Luckily, I have another crafting desk, so I’d go use that one until it looked the same way! Why do I let my crafting spaces get so out of control?

Then I remembered my mom’s compact sewing room where everything had a place and at the end of a sewing session, she would put everything back in its place! It was always neat and tidy. She made all of my clothes growing up, not because she needed to financially, but because it was something that she was passionate about and was another way to show her love to me.

Was that the magic recipe for having a neat craft room? Did I just need a place for all my items and then commit to putting everything away at the end of a crafting session? I decided that I really needed help to sort my crafting supplies, decide what I was never going to use, what I use on a regular basis, and then to figure out how to organize my stuff without spending a fortune.

Would you like to know how I did it? I attended a FREE 5-hour webinar by Alejandra Costello. This is definitely NOT a webinar when you sit passively taking notes or recording her words of wisdom. This amazing woman gives you a few specific helpful hints, she asks you to set a very specific goal that you can reasonably accomplish in a set period of time (she actually sets a timer and then you work towards that goal). After the timer goes off, she checks in with the group and motivates you to continue. Most of the sessions last 45 minutes to an hour. She also cleans a space in her house while you are working on your space. She plays an awesome playlist as everyone on the webinar sorts through their stuff deciding what you want to keep, what you want to donate or sell, and what just needs to be thrown out.

I know what you’re thinking …it’s making those decisions that are so hard! So, I took everything off my large desk, I mean everything! Here was my method for prioritizing the items that I could put back on the desk:

  • Items that I needed to be able to make a card or project. I realized that I didn’t need all my inks and stamp sets on my desk. Now, I select the stamp set or bundle and the inks, ribbons, and embellishments that coordinate with the designer series paper. All these items that cluttered my desk are now stored in nearby cabinets and file drawers which are easily accessible but not on my desk!
  • Items that helped me store some of my crafting supplies. I did find a refrigerator storage container at the Container Store and some little blue baskets that I got at the Dollar Store, where I store the stamp sets, dies, and embellishments that I’m working on for the week. I used another blue basket where I put card bases of different colors and 1st layer cardstock and a few precut labels for sentiments. I also have clear file trays on the side of my desk where I can store my planner as well as basic white and very vanilla cardstock that I use all the time.
  • One or two personal items. artwork, picture of husband and I in Italy, forever roses sent by our son, and some art awards I had on the wall.

Here is what my desk looked like after the 5-hour webinar with Alejandra. Now I’m not saying it’s always this neat, but I do try to put things away at the end of each crafting session. When my desk is organized and neat, I’m excited to go into my craft room to create.

Although I’ll still be in Europe on Saturday, Oct 22, Alejandra is offering another FREE 5-hour webinar called Clutter-Busting Bootcamp with handouts that you can download and lots of motivation to organize your space. Five hours sounds like a lot of time, but you can seriously get your space cleaned up and organized during this time. If you don’t have 5 hours, I understand, and you can just sign off whenever you need to.

People from all over the world join these webinars and they are working on bedrooms, kitchens, pantries, linen closets, etc. The beauty is that you can work on whatever space you want to clean up.


What: Clutter-Busting Bootcamp!

Date: Saturday October 22, 2022

Time: 10AM – 3PM ET (End time is approximate. Convert to your timezone here)

Where: On Zoom (Download the Zoom app here)

Link to Join: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87318901923?pwd=QzFyZ0FmYUhLK0krQlZwTDNpUkxMZz09

Webinar ID: 873 1890 1923

Passcode: 336832

She will encourage you to sign up for her organization classes and other wonderful tips for keeping your house clutter free, but you are not under any obligation to join. You can learn from the webinar and see if the system works for you.

Please let me know if you think you’ll try this as I know it was a great experience for me. Remember to post your before and after pictures in the comments on this blog site.

Happy Stamping!


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