Random Acts of Kindness – Send Cards

Dear Card Making Friends

Brighten someone’s day with a beautiful card! I’m  encouraging you to take your love of card making and to share it with others. You can select family members, friends, or complete strangers!  There are many people who are without family during the Holidays. Consider giving cards to your local senior center,  nursing home,  fire department, or hospitals for health care providers and patients.

Here is a sample of the Holiday cards I’m taking to the Coastal Seniors in my local community. These wonderful seniors have no family who live near by and are totally confined to their residence due to the pandemic.  I’ll be tucking a holiday card into each of the 45 Meals on Wheels lunches on Monday.

If you join this request, please email me a photo of the card(s) you mailed and who you shared your love with. I’ll post the photos in next Wednesday’s post.

It’s a win-win as we get to enjoy making cards with beautiful materials and we get to brighten up someone’s day.

Happy Stamping!


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