Quilling With Mom

I’ve been in Maryland for the last two weeks helping my mom recover. A few months ago, she broke her ankle and after she got the boot off her left leg, she started having lots of back pain. Luckily, she received a spinal injection for her herniated discs resulting in almost immediate pain relief. She’s moved from being in a wheelchair to a walker and looks forward to being on her own two feet with a cane in the near future.

In between Dr and Physical Therapy appointments, we’ve been having a great time crafting on her dining room table.

Mom enjoys quilling which involves twirling small strips of paper into different designs to make cards. She’s currently making paper eggs with either rabbits or ducks and grasses inside the shape. Next, she’ll attach the pieces to cardstock and send them to family and friends as Easter cards. It’s always fun to learn new crafting techniques!

I’m having a great time using Sale-A-Bration products to make cards and I’ll be sharing some of them with you on my blog soon.

Happy Stamping!


2 thoughts on “Quilling With Mom”

  1. Awesome that you are able to be with your mom and share some crafting time with her. Her quilling is great and those that receive her cards will really appreciate them. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    • Hi Gail, thank you for your lovely comments. I’ve enjoyed the special time with my mom and you’re right that everyone enjoys getting her beautiful cards. I hope you have a great day!


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