Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 40th Wedding Anniversary! We were married in upstate New York on Keuka Lake on October 16th, 1982. Although we were living in Newport Beach, California, we decided to get married at my family homestead in the hills above Keuka Lake.

Imagine a 200-year-old, two-story farmhouse with a wide front porch, looking out over the adjacent family grape vines and acres of farmland with fall foliage. My cousin Wendy, her husband Nate, and their two young sons lived in the house and graciously agreed to let us be married there. The Episcopal minister, Reverend Disbrow, who married us told us that his father had married my great grandparents at the farm and that according to church records we were the third generation of the family to be married at the house.

Our wedding pictures are at home, and I didn’t think to bring some photos of the actual event to share. I will share some photos once we return home. Luckily, my mom recently sent me a photo of the two of us taken shortly before our wedding during a visit in northern California. It’s always a shock to see pictures of yourself after so many years.

Northern California, 1982

We’re not as slim and trim as we were 40 years ago and we have quite a bit of gray hair, but we’re still best friends and very much in love with one another!

Sea Ranch, Ca. May 2022

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart, I love you more every day!

Remember to give your special someone a hug and kiss to let them know how much they mean to you!

Happy Stamping!


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